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As the internet shifted from text to video that Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video. No matter how hard you try, some people will never feel like they know the “real” you until they see you on video.

What Does This Have to Do With Business?

  • Think about this from a business perspective.
  • It’s true. Nobody is perfect, and neither are businesses.
  • If you haven’t made a mistake yet, chances are you will.
  • If you’re only releasing text-based content, you risk receiving annoying comments like the ones I quoted above.
  • However, if you build rapport with video, your fans and customers can actually support you DESPITE your mistakes.
  • So, when do you plan on releasing videos?
Importance of Video Marketing..

Video marketing techniques are flooding today’s social media outlets and websites. These days almost any type of business would benefit from the production of a short video to introduce their products and services. Studies have shown that consumers are at least 64% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation. This makes establishing a personal connection with buyers through the means of video marketing a key element in the future of online marketing.

The Power of Video:

Traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient. Gone are the days of the ‘Bullet Theory’ that would force a message through mass media onto an influential audience. The ‘Cultivation Theory’ too is no longer appropriate as television holds less power than it once did. These are two very old, outdated methods of marketing a message. The audience is smarter, the mediums that are used to market are increasing, and the message is always changing.

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The Power of Video Marketing

  1. Impressions :

There was once a time that attaching a picture of one’s products or services was enough to entice buyers. While images can most certainly enhance your business and communicate with a consumer, videos have a much further reaching effect on today’s media driven culture. People are presented with so much information that they have to make a decision about what they take the time to read and view. Video promotions will bring a clearer understanding of the benefits of a product or service. Consumers also find it more convenient to watch a video while trying to accomplish other tasks. Providing this convenience to the consumer has proven to be a highly effective marketing technique.

  2. Confidence :

The rapid growth of e-commerce has resulted in more consumers becoming comfortable with the idea of making their purchases online. This makes it increasingly important for companies to establish an engaging and personal connection. Videos that welcome a consumer to the website (such as this one) gives an immediate association to the product or services. Naturally, movement catches a person’s eye and compels the viewer to pay closer attention. Websites that utilise videos to draw the attention of the viewer have an immense advantage over those that rely on simple text and images.

“You can deliver a lot of information in a short clip, and it has a wide reach because it can be used on multiple channels, online and offline, in-store and via mobile devices.”

“Ways to use video can range from the informative to the entertaining or the kooky and can assist customers in making purchasing decisions.”

  3. Cautions :

It has been proven that video content has increased conversion rates in sales. However, poor production quality may have the reverse effect on a consumer. Products and services that are not presented well can drive away prospective business. As with all marketing techniques, quality should always be of the highest concern. When creating video ads and promotions for your website, be sure to carefully consider your ad campaign. If you aren’t skilled or knowledgeable in video creation, contact a professional digital agency who are video experts. When you have high quality media with appealing concepts, you can be confident that your business will achieve greater success.

Why Video Drives Sales


To say the business world is highly competitive is an understatement. Getting an edge over other business competitors relies on the success of branding. Each company wants their brand to be the customer’s “first choice” in their respective market. Videos for advertising, marketing and promotion can give them the edge they need.

Traditional advertising is still very much a part of the marketing strategies businesses employ to promote their brand. But the internet has revolutionized advertising and proved how online advertising through videos is effective.

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